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Social Media and Your Business: A Quick Beginner’s Guide

social media application on smartphones
Social Media are considered an absolutely intrinsic part of the internet nowadays. Everybody has some sort of social media account and most people use their daily. Social media has become a major feature of 21st century life. It is hard to believe how far social media has come in the last decade, especially when thinking back to the early days of Blogspot and Myspace.  In today’s world, it is imperative for any business to establish their online presence and set up some social media accounts to promote themselves. Here is a quick guide for all those who are new to setting up social media for a business. 

Step 1. Choosing Your Social Media Platforms

There are so many social media platforms out there, it is difficult to know where to start. Generally, the biggest ones are Facebook and Twitter, the former being the best way to engage with your customers and followers and the latter being a great way to gain new potential clients from around the world. 
Then there are the other big social media platforms like Google Plus, Instagram and LinkedIn, all three of which are useful, especially for extending your reach and boosting your Off-Page SEO with some high quality links.
Finally, social media sites such as Tumblr and Pinterest can also be of interest, not only for SEO purposes, but also for the sake of maximising your reach and diversifying your approach. The more social media channels you use, the more likely you are to engage with a large audience. 

Step 2. Setting Up Your Social Media Platforms

Social Media platforms rely on trust and safe usage, which is why you should probably have some information ready when you sign up. Every social media website is quite clear on how to sign up, and the process is always easy. Depending on the platform, you will likely need an active email address, a potential username and maybe your phone number. There isn’t that much more to the sign up process. 
Once you are registered and have your social media active and running, it is time to fill in the accounts with your details and choose a profile picture, most likely your business logo.

3. Optimizing Your Social Media Accounts

Make sure that you fill in as much information as you can. The more details you can provide, the more complete and professional your social media profile will look, which helps build trust, a brand and generate followers. Make sure you have a professional looking logo, nice cover pictures and plenty of links to your products and websites.
Any links and media that you can add to make your social media page more attractive are great because they establish your branding and professionalism. Videos and engaging materials are always a great way to make sure that those people who land on your social media page stay long enough to follow it too.

4. Managing Your Social Media

In the world of social media, much like in the outside world, quality rules. Nothing beats having great content if you are looking to get followers. Regardless of your products or services, always make sure you are sharing regular materials that actually interest people. Mixing social media posts up between promotional, informative and entertaining posts is an effective method. This way you are sure to make your social media channels relevant and interesting to a maximum amount of people. 
Make sure that you post actively and make quality contributions. You can also use many tools and advertising methods to get more followers. 
Finally, engage with your followers as much as possible. People love it when pages are engaging on social media, taking part in comments and conversations. Make your business as personable as possible on social media and make sure you keep all comments in check to prevent spamming or cyberbullying. 
If you follow these tips, you are sure to have a thriving social media presence in no time. It takes work to create successful social media pages, but it can be incredibly lucrative in building your brand, establishing your reputation, and gaining potential clients.