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4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Google Adwords

Google Adwords
Google Adwords has been around for quite a while, but in recent months it seems to have become more popular than ever. Businesses and individuals are investing into the search engine giant’s Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising more than ever before. In the age of the tech start up, it is important to be aware of the best ways to promote your business online. Google Adwords is increasingly becoming the major staple in the field online advertising. Here are 4 simple reasons why you should consider promoting your business through Google Adwords:

1. Practicality

First and foremost, Google Adwords is incredibly versatile and flexible. Google is continuously adding features and tweaking Adwords, allowing it to cater to the needs of businesses of all sizes. 
One of the fantastic things with Google Adwords is that your ads are completely measurable. You can see exactly how much engagement your advert is generating and where it is coming from. Furthermore, Adwords is incredibly flexible. You can change your ad according to how well it is performing at any time. Compared with advertising on other media platforms such as TV and publications, you have full control to make sure that you get your complete moneys’ worth. 
A professionally tweaked and maintained Adwords campaign can do wonders for any business. If the keywords are right and the budgetary limits are well set, you can get the maximum out of your advertising budget.

2. Faster than SEO

Search Engine Optimization is important, nobody will deny that. However, getting your website up in Google rankings is not something you can do overnight. As Google continues to update and change its ranking process, it is becoming increasingly difficult to see quick SEO results. Boosting your ranking organically now requires a good deal of time and resources.
This doesn’t mean that SEO should be neglected; it is still a major pillar to online success. However, Google Adwords is immediate and increasingly affordable, making it the perfect compliment to Search Engine Optimization. Adwords makes it possible for you to promote your online business while working on growing its organic following. 

3. The Way of the Future?

Adwords accounts for over 97% of Google’s income, which is immense. It is therefore neither a coincidence, nor a surprise that the world of Google and Search Engines is heading towards one of increased PPC Advertising. Google is making it harder for businesses to ‘artificially’ or ‘quickly’ boost their rankings, and they will continue to do so in the future.
Google wants to make Adwords a global phenomenon, accessible and friendly to all. It is now more affordable and viable than ever to launch a Google Adwords campaign, and it is only going to become more integral to online advertising and promotion.

4. Conversion

Organic searches are great and can provide some of the best, most loyal customers. However, certain studies suggest that Adwords actually allows for a better conversion rate. With Adwords, you can target by location, which is especially useful for certain businesses that require local clientele.
Adwords also makes keyword targeting very efficient as you can select the exact keywords that you want to target, allowing for maximum conversion.
Finally, the nature of ads themselves might help conversion; the idea being that people who are looking to purchase a product or service are more likely to click on ads than people who are simply browsing.
To conclude, Adwords is becoming a key tool for online marketing and business promotion. Its flexibility and efficiency make it one of the best and fastest ways to promote your website online.
It is important to keep one thing in mind: Much like SEO, creating successful ads on Adwords is an art. You need to know how to target your keywords and locations and you need to know what budgetary limits to set. Creating a successful Adwords campaign requires both knowledge and work, but can be incredibly rewarding.