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Campañas Google Adwords

Google Adwords
Hubspider specializes in Google Adwords Pay per click (PPC) campaigns. We are part of the Google Partners Program. With us, you will have a Personal Adwords Manager that will work with you to get the most out of your digital campaigns to achieve higher visits and conversion rates. For this, we use advanced optimization techniques and tools of advertising management. Your Personal Manager has extensive experience to advise, discuss and execute the best strategy for your business.
Businesses in today's growing online trends, where more and more users are using Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Yandex to find, compare or buy products and services, depends on digital marketing as a key for their success. Through an effective Adword campaign strategy we can quickly get the attention of your potential customers and increase sales. We have vast experience in effectively designing campaigns (keyword analysis, ads text optimization, etc.) and optimizing results (ROI, landing pages).
Efficiency and visibility are key factors when it comes to digital marketing. Our web analytics platforms and experience enables us to monetize each element and constantly monitor results for your business. In our Google Adwords campaign we include the following configurations:
  • Campaign segmentation based on user interests and behavior.
  • Optimization of your campaign’s structure.
  • Competitive focus on keywords, ad texts and landing pages.
  • Conversion optimization strategy to maximize ROI.
  • Constant campaign optimization (ads texts, keywords).
  • Monetization of results and ROI: periodic analytics and reports.
  • Continuous consulting after improvements have been executed.
  • Boost your online sales with PPC!
Invest in Google AdWords, PPC, remarketing, displays, comparators, etc. and make your online business grow. Contact us!

Keyword analysis and Website audit

We analyze and audit your business keywords and create effective Adwords campaigns in order to maximize your PPC results and ROI. We have a long-gained experience in the management and optimization of accounts in different markets and sectors. Through our keyword analysis and website audit, you’ll get a clear insight into the points that need improvement and strategies necessary to increase your business PPC performance.

Strategy and Implementation

We develop profitable Adwords PPC campaigns with the focus of improving ROI and achieving your business goals. Obtain the maximum ROI on your adword campaigns through a determinate online marketing strategy. We are experts in the management and optimization of Adword campaigns, committed to the business results of your company.

Adword analytics

The performance of each campaign will be analyzed by specialists utilizing analytical platforms like Web Analytics and Business Intelligence. We focus on the optimization of data and both user and market behavior to steadily improve both traffic and conversion rate.

Quality report

We start offering a quality analysis reports with keyword analysis to add value to the Adword campaigns and consequently provide complete reports including all detailed information regarding your Adword campaigns, including the results. Trust in Hubspider to manage your business online.

Conversion optimization

We are experts in general pages and landing pages optimization and transaction processes in businesses with the focus on increasing the conversion rate in each marketing initiative. Through the design and configuration of multivariate tests, we can determine the best strategy to maximize your end-results online.