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Responsive Websites, eShop
Services Involved: 

Company Profile

Sitenrain is a biological winery located in Meggen, Switzerland, and Avola, in the south of Sicily. Since 2006 it has been planting biologic grapes, olives, oranges, mandarins, lemons and more. During the summer of 2009 it began to sell its wines and now it also offers vacations on the vineyard.

Business Challenges

In working with HubSpider, Sitenrain sought to:

  • Create a professional online introduction to its products
  • Encourage new clients to visit its vineyards
  • Offer its products directly to as many people as possible, including people who have never visited the winery


HubSpider developed a state-of-the-art, fully responsive website for Sitenrain in Meggen:

  • The site features an attractive layout and it adapts to all screen sizes, including widescreen, tablet and smartphone
  • A blog was created on the website to provide clients with news and to attract more traffic to the website
  • A photo gallery was added to Sitenrain’s website to showcase its products, the winery and the people behind them
  • A web shop was incorporated on the site for clients to buy products directly online
  • HubSpider made it easy to connect with Siterain’s social media directly from the website