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Company profile

Cityklinikken is a modernly equipped and fully digitalized dental clinic with a nice atmosphere in the heart of Copenhagen. The clinic has been owned by Leni Lauritzen since 2001. She is the heart of the clinic. She values the wishes, expectations and needs of the patients, which is clearly seen at the clinic.      

Starting point

Cityklinikken had a non-responsive website, which needed a more modern and updated design, besides of being responsive on both tablets and smartphones.
The clinic needed to be present on the different social media platforms, to be able to share the clinic’s excellent reputation.  

Business challenges

  • How to extend the clinic’s excellent reputation into the online world
  • How to integrate the clinic’s website with its social media presence


HubSpider provided Cityklinikken with a beautiful and minimalistic website. The site was given a modern and unique design. The website is fully responsive and adaps to all screen sizes including tablets and smartphones.
The visitors on Cityklinikken’s website can easily connect with the clinic on their social media pages.

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