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About Us

HubSpider was founded in Switzerland to provide web solutions and digital marketing services to companies, medical professionals, travel industries and educational institutions.  
HubSpider enhances its clients' operations through perfectly suited digital marketing. We attract new customers to their companies. We develop and design advanced websites. We promote them through search engine optimization, social media and other online marketing techniques.
Our clients seek to build enduring relationships with their customers. We connect our clients with their potential customers, encouraging those to purchase services or products. Long lasting customer relationships are founded and enforced on social media and through email marketing.


The key to our success is consistently exceeding customer expectations. Your presence on the web is the first line of public relations in an online world and our firm not only makes sure you and/or your business is known, we contribute to making sure you stand out from the competition.
We are a multilingual technology consulting and development company. With our experience and comprehensive skills, we help businesses from all sections around the world. We collaborate with our clients to provide well-analysed solutions that boost their business. 
With our industry knowledge, service-offering expertise and technology capabilities, we create new business and technology trends and develop solutions to help our clients around the globe.
Our work covers webdesign, e-commerce, web development, online marketing, multimedia, consulting, content management and all aspects of graphic design, from flyers and business cards to corporate identity solutions and full business branding, and bespoke web design from small phone apps to large content management systems.
We love the variation of approach required to serve our diverse range of clients who include large corporations, local government agencies, small businesses and individuals. In our team we have specialists who spend long hours pushing the boundaries of what is possible. For every project we collaborate to pull the best strengths from all of us. As a company we take great pride in our work, always strive for excellence and never produce designs that we would not put our name to.

Our Goal

We are a consulting company to solve organizations with its complex issues. Our people help clients to improve efficiency through proven methods and thus creating a platform for businesses which enhance their process and growth.
We propose the very best online strategy, creating effective, multilingual responsive & SEO ready websites and marketing.
Our approch is structured and methodical to offer solutions for the most complicated challenges.

How we work

  • Solutions based on market needs 
  • Effective Work Management 
  • Improve operational performance.
  • Helping production and client service more effectively and efficiently.

What we offer

  • Constructive and diverse service offerings.
  • Experienced and creative team.
  • Unique solutions for your business needs.
  • Dedicated and professional support.

Our core values

"Our solutions are constructive, productive, effective" have defined our character guiding us to make decisions and make great products for your business.  
Provide consulting, quality services and unbeatable prices to our customer's expectations. 

Our philosophy

"Great Ideas, Simple Solutions" summarizes our philosophy of responsible work ethics and creative approaches to satisfying our customers’ communication needs.
We help our clients grow in various aspects of their businesses, from global service execution to day-to-day operations in their business with our advanced consulting expertise together joining hands with our partners.

Contact Us

Contact us below for a free consultation or price quote. Use our contact form, or email your question directly using our contact form, e-mail, phone or skype. We will answer all your questions and make sure to provide the best solutions for your business.